An Agile approach to user adoption?

Lean User Adoption is a sustainable, repeatable and measurable approach to technology adoption... focused on your people, and not just product features...

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Not just training, it is about improving your performance

Lean User Adoption flips the traditional approach to user adoption on its head.  Instead of focusing on "introducing a product", we identify high value business scenarios where technology can be used to deliver real, sustainable business results.

Adopt all of your platforms
in parallel

There is no point focusing on one technology at a time.  Because Lean User Adoption always starts with business scenarios, it is easy to leverage the multiple on & off premises platforms you provide your people to make real business impact.  Office 365 + Salesforce + Webex?  No problem!

An approach that is focused on how we work... and not just the technology - I really like that!
Dr Peter Baloh  Ujemi Znanje & Gallup
 Judge of the European Business Awards

Lean User Adoption is designed for uncertainty. One size does not fit all in our increasingly complex personal and professional worlds.  Through Lean User Adoption's focused data driven experimentation and iterative approach to embedding technology change - adapting to the specific needs of your workforce is easy.  From novices to power users, Lean User Adoption is designed to unlock value for individuals and their teams

Relevant, and respectful of individual learning styles

Measurable outcomes...

not vanity metrics

By starting with real, tangible business processes in your organisation, the impact of Lean User Adoption can be quickly measured and reported in language that makes sense to your CEO and Board.  Coupled with rich stories of improved personal productivity... you will start to look forward to writing your monthly report!

Repeatable and sustainable,
not just a flash in the pan

Unlike traditional "big bang" approaches to technology driven change that occur when you roll out a product, Lean User Adoption is a management method which you can embed in your team.  Deliver continuous business improvement over the life of your technology platforms - and take advantage of the stream of innovative features delivered by your cloud services.



Lean User Adoption is a management approach to user adoption - not product specific guidance.
It can be applied to any combination of technology (hardware or software) that your workforce interacts with

Multiple vendors?  Lean User Adoption loves them all!

Office 365










Dynamics CRM





Lean User Adoption draws on experience from 100s of adoption programs across technology platforms from Microsoft, Cisco, Adobe, and Salesforce PLUS academic research into how individuals leverage technology in increasingly flexible and uncertain work environments

Founder - Adopt & Embrace

Blending the academic literature with real world project experience

Developed by practitioners, for practitioners

Blending 10+ years of and practical project work and technology adoption research

Paul Woods

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